Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I can hear the wind and it sets my soul free!

April has proved to be a windy month so far. I harbor no beef with that at all - I love breezes and blustery days. In fact, the sound and sight of the air moving through trees and over wild grasses makes my spirits soar! Some may say that I'm easily entertained, and that would be correct in a sense. Nature never ceases in its engaging amusement, does it?
I enjoy hearing a nice, melodic wind chime's notes wafting my way on a breeze. I don't have one, though. So, today, in honor of the lovely currents aloft in my neck o' the woods, I took an old pie pan (aluminum) and punched some holes in a sunburst pattern and hung it from a mulberry branch.

Here's some seed plantings I did in my "cold frame" today. Those two green round things on the right are some lettuce ends that I've heard will grow new lettuce, so I'm giving that a try. 
 Keria bushes, also known as Texas Rose, are blooming, and a ladderback woodpecker visited the feeder the other day. 

I'd much rather work outdoors than indoors, so the cool temperatures (seasonal, really), 71F with a breeze, is about perfect in my book. 
My cats are pretty content, too. When it's cloudy and rainy, they just sleep, unless I decide to join them on the porch for a cuppa, then they're on my lap or wanting to be loved on, which I do, happily. Their names are pretty self-explanatory, as you can see: 


They're handsome fellas, and Goatee is great at keeping down the mouse population around the house. Tiger is too pretty to get messy, or he thinks he is anyway. 
So, they kept me company while I weeded the flower bed, planted the seeds in the cold frame and the square foot bed (I'll wait for some seedlings to pop up before I bore you with pictures of that garden), but I do wish I'd had my camera handy when Mr.Toad hopped out of the square foot bed from somewhere and decided he wasn't welcome any longer. I located a pot that will suffice as a toad house, so he would maybe think otherwise; they're so valuable for keeping down bugs and spiders. 

I decided to rake up the weeds to give to the goats next door. It's a peace offering, since I've succeeded (knock wood on that!) in patching up the fences that are now keeping them out of my yard. 
Still, vigilance is key, because while fences make good neighbors, the neighbors don't always remember to latch gates on their fences. I'm hoping the racket of that pie pan will deter any marauders that dare to enter the yard, at least from eating the plants on my porch. We'll see how that goes. If it seems that they don't like the flashing and banging, I'll make more. It's a good excuse to buy ready-made pie shells, in any case.  

I hope wherever you are, spring has sprung nicely and prettily. I wish you happy gardening, or whatever it is you enjoy doing in the springtime in your spare time. Take a moment or two out of your day to thank the Lord for His immense and unfathomable creation - I will, too.