Saturday, August 11, 2012

To Write or To Weave...

Hands On

I just received a vintage loom. A non-rigid two heddle that I have no idea how to use - yet. I have a lap loom that I've used twice now and made a really beautiful piece of material that I will make a handbag with. The other piece is a wall hanging. I got the lap loom to see if I really enjoyed weaving as much as I thought I would. I did. Hence the purchase of the vintage loom. 

It's a smallish loom but will make long pieces, unlike the lap loom which is limited in finished piece size. I can, in theory, make scarves and table runners, placemats and towels on this loom. It will also, once I figure it out, work up a piece much faster because you don't have to actually weave in and out for the weft, simply pass the shuttle through as the heddle can be raised to allow for that. The previous owner saw fit to include a step-by-step book on weaving that I didn't even know she had for no extra charge. There are such thoughtful people out there! 

Hands Off

So far, I've not put hand to pen, however, as I'd planned. I've written a few small blogs and poems but have not worked on the book since late last year. My hands have been busy on other endeavors, but that's no excuse. I don't like to ignore goals because it lowers my feelings of self-worth to do so. In that light, there may be a connection here that will spur me to my assignment again. 

Weaving is a metaphor for living in my mind, thanks to a book by Piers Antony that I read many, many years ago (With a Tangled Skein). In it there is a wise creature with 8 appendages charged with overseeing the fantasy world Antony creates, and who manages the threads of life which are tangled and straightened, woven and twisted, by the world's creatures' deeds and misdeeds. I found the concept fascinating at that time of my life (young adult) and pondered it enough so it became part of who I am. Who I am inevitably goes into whatever I write, so I find synchronicity in procuring a "new loom" and the continuation of my story book. 

Clap Hands

The other thing creative that I do with my hands is make music. I have been so busy crocheting, sewing and weaving (oh, yes, and learning how to spin yarn with a drop spindle, too) that I have neglected that creative outlet as well. Thankfully, playing instruments is like riding a bike - once you learn it, you don't forget how. There will be time. Clap hands. 

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  1. Warping the thread was a process that took several readings and three tries! Warping the loom took several readings (which continue even after) and 3 actual hours. The warp I now weave the weft upon is a) not tight (as it should be) b) not uniform in tension (also not good) c) succeeding in holding a two color weft that is, so far, 14 sheds in progress - in other words, a couple inches long. Whether or not it will continue to be a viable project is still up in the air. One thing I've learned thus far, you can't take shortcuts with weaving. The steps to follow have been set for many centuries and cannot be altered. There is no other way. Many things in life are like that, aren't they? We think we can fudge on certain things - skip that work out today, go ahead and buy that dress we really don't need instead of putting that money into the savings account - and it'll still be alright. Like my current project - there's a better than 50-50 chance it won't work out for the best.
    It's like I said, weaving is like living. Very much so.