Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Year Older and Dapper in Dat

I am a neglectful blogger, I admit it.
There are many reasons for that:
Scrabble, Words with Friends and Facebook, to name but a few.
Here's the gist of what I've been up to for real lo these many months...

Crocheting for the holidays took up much of my time the latter portion of 2012. I worked up hats mostly, but some scarves and fingerless mittens, too. The gentlemen look pretty dapper in their new caps, I must say. I also have increased my inventory on (name changed to: 3Csshop), and sales are up a bit. I'm still not in the black, however, but I remain hopeful. In any case, the yarn stash is bigger and, with the new sewing machine (Christmas gift from loving spouse :-)  ) the fabric stash can now be utilized in ways I imagined.

I mentioned previously about neglecting certain other of my many muses. Well, I have found time to fondle the keyboard once again. And the guitar is now being kept next to my computer so I can pick it up at any time. I find I do so much more when it is handy.

I did not do much writing in 2012 after all, in particular, work on my children's story book. Recently, however, I have become acquainted with a fictional character named Scot Tremble who lives in the late-middle of the 21st Century in America. He and his friend, Truth Passage, attend high school together in a world where school uniforms are made of Kevlar and vigilantes run rampant through the countryside with their assault weaponry in hand. Oh, and I should mention, Scot and his other friend, Martin, love old rock n' roll music, like the Who and Bob Seger, for instance. It's exciting to have a new idea for a story and I hope the thread doesn't run out before I solidify the plot.

The coming year looks good right now, since I have lots to keep me busy with things I enjoy doing. It is a wonderful thing to be able to do what you enjoy and I do not take that for granted. Sometimes I still sometimes feel like the grasshopper who fiddles while the ants toil, but I always did kind of admire that foolish fellow.

Oh, if you care to see some of my creations, you can check me on Facebook at  C's Crafted Creations  or on as I mentioned earlier. Or check me out on Pinterest <a data-pin-config="above" href="//" data-pin-do="buttonPin" ><img src="//" /></a>

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