Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Also Known as the Sturgeon Moon While I fully expected August to be miserably hot and humid, it has not turned out to be so here in Middle Tennessee. Cooler than average temperatures and just enough rain here (more than enough an hour or two away). Nice. We've had some hot days and humid nights but really can't complain at all. I've been working on a few projects, one I just today completed. Original design, no written pattern.
I'm still not sure if I'll part with this one. I love it. It embodies autumn, my favorite month, right down to the oak leaf and acorn tie ends. Another is a cover for books, tablets or journals that I came up with. Shell stitches with more fall colored yarn (Knit Picks acrylic - very soft and wooly).
I'll likely make more of these using different stitches (I like variety in my crocheting). In creating my poncho (above) I finished up the bottom few rows with a stitch pattern I found in my encyclopedia of stitching. It has no name, but I really liked it. As I was crocheting it (in red)I could see that stitch being quite useful in a bath set of washcloth, scrubby, and soap bag, so I made a set using cotton yarn in just a few hours.
FREE INSTRUCTIONS TO DUPLICATE THIS STITCH PATTERN I love the texture and look of this simple stitch pattern - so try it out yourself! I used a cotton worsted weight yarn and an H hook - All you do is: chain a length and in the third chain from the hook, insert hook and pull up a loop, yarn over (YO) and draw through one loop on the hook, reinsert the hook and pull up another loop, YO and draw through one loop, then YO and draw through the three remaining loops. Stitch is completed. Skip a stitch and repeat all the way across the chain, turn and ch 2 and repeat the pattern. You'll figure it out.

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