Saturday, February 21, 2015

In the Cold Mid-Winter, who needs March?

February needs more days. Just why is it that this poor, diminutive month was chosen to be shortchanged on its hours of existence? March should be the short one, in my opinion, or replaced altogether.

Think about it; January is the decompression month following the high anxiety of the holidays and it really only needs 30 days to accomplish that; February is our first real "back to normal" month of the year and deserves at least 31, if not more, days.

March is an interim month, at best, and, if any deserve the fate of shortened time, it does. April heralds in Spring, so needs all the days it can get to get us ready for Springtime-in-full come May.

Which brings us to May, blessed with 31 days as it stands - as full a month as any in the calendar. May is the best month, aside from October (in my opinion) which also happens to have a full complement of days. If it were up to me, I'd do away with March altogether and give some of the other months extra time. We really only need 11 months; 12 is simply too many.

March is the best one to remove since the word march has enough recognition on its own - we march to the beat of a different drum, we march on, march in a parade; we're marching to Praetoria, marching off to war; we have march music and processional marches, too. March has plenty as it stands, without even being a month of the year. And so I propose a calendar of 11 months, sans March.

January is to have 30 days (that's enough), February 33, April 33, May 33, June 33, July 33, August 33, September (a very busy month, what with trying to get summer holidays in at the last minute and school restarting) 35, October 33, November (also busy with winter preparations and family-visiting time) 34, and December 35 (so very busy, as we all recognize).

Starting with 2016 I will have new calendars printed up. I feel that if George W.Bush can change the daylight savings regimen, then it's perfectly within my wheelhouse to change the Gregorian calendar. Now, isn't that better? I think so, too, and you're welcome.

Have a wonderful rest of February and enjoy April, which is just around the corner.


  1. The many numbers....

    I don't mind March, personally.

    1. 1 wonders if 1 might have 2 much time on 1's hands. L0L