Wednesday, June 24, 2015

So You Think You Know About Disney Animation?

I just watched one of TCM's great movies. It was Esther Williams' day today and movie after movie featured her as the star or co-star. She swam a lot, smiled a lot and even sang a bit. She had that understated beauty that is hard to resist.
In the last movie of the evening, she played love-interest to Howard Keel, as Hannibal, in Jupiter's Darling. It's amazing to watch Howard Keel in these old movies because all I formerly knew him as was JR's Daddy in Dallas. What a waste of talent that turned out to be! Not that I didn't enjoy Dallas (the original series) but Howard Keel's part was nothing close to seeing him in his heyday.
The reason for this blog post is that last movie featured an actress named Marjorie Belcher (later known as Marge Champion). That young lady could really dance and sing and was pretty cute, too. I'd never heard of her before, so I "googled" her and look what I came up with -

I'm an avid Disney fan, animation fan, Pinocchio, Snow White, and Fantasia fan. Who knew, right? Well, I didn't, anyway, and I thought maybe you didn't either.

You're welcome.

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