Thursday, April 18, 2013

WHAT A MONTH THIS IS TURNING OUT TO BE!!! I feel like a reviving perennial, waking from the slumber of winter. New friends, visits with family, antiquing and out on the town forays with the significant other; things are just popping. Business (my crafting business, that is) is really picking up. I've put out more feelers, joined some crafting groups and have been posting pictures on Facebook, so I take some credit for the upturn. I've also been busy crocheting and sewing, too, and when I finish something, I put it on I like to try to list something every day; it helps to keep your shop in the forefront. Perhaps now that the election is in the past, people feel more comfortable about spending a little, not to mention some are getting their refunds about now. Whatever it is, I hope sales continue to trend upwards. Speaking of economics, the job I applied for recently didn't pan out. I've been an RN for 27 years, and have been on hiatus since a car wreck side-lined me for a time. I started writing articles to make ends meet, but the market dried up after about a year. I did get a bit extra in the settlement, so all's well for the time being; I don't need much except yarn and fabric, lol. After the physical therapy was done, there was still a healing period where being on my feet for 8 hours a day was not an option. I still am not sure that would be possible, but I'd be willing to give it a try. Unfortunately, it wasn't it the cards this time. Being the optimist that I am, though, this increase in custom orders for my crocheted articles has really buoyed my spirits and maybe life has other plans for me after all. Now, there are all these horrible happenings in the news and people are suffering and hurting from north to south & east to west in America. What I notice most is how stuff like that, awful as it is, tends to make us a better people; stronger in our love for neighbor, stronger in our resolve to live as good, decent people. That's what I take from it all. Comfort and peace to all those hurting from loss and injury.

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